DreamCreamCo Gallery

Hi! I’m Kristie, the artist and creator behind DreamCreamCo.

 I spread joy with my cute digital designs, which can be found on collectible, displayable items such as enamel pins, keychains, and stickers. Though the brand is most known for its collection of colorful blankets, as a music superfan, I also transformed my designs into festival fans! I am all about cute and functional products. What started out as my mini passion project bloomed into a full-time small business (est. April 2021). It really is surreal to me that I get to do what I love for a living!

Feat: Me + My 10'x10' Exhibitor Hall Setup


Feat: Me + My 6' Artist Alley Setup 



I transformed many of my blanket designs into blankets: both in fleece and woven form. Below are a couple of examples showcasing the differences in both fan-favorites:

Fleece-Style Blanket


Woven-Style Blanket


As a music superfan, I transformed my designs into festival fans too! My fans have become a popular accessory at both music events and conventions to keep attendees nice and cool!




As a small business owner who works from home on the weekdays, I wanted to design some desk accessories that I could use myself, while admiring my favorite nostalgic childhood characters.



Ever since the pandemic started, I stopped eating out at restaurants as often, and picked up cooking! I made countless trips to the grocery store, and always found myself with a mountain of plastic bags in my house. As a result, I decided to design a pattern to print onto my own tote bags.



I am all about cute and functional products, so I printed my favorite snack and drink designs onto air fresheners too! I travel often to table at conventions, night markets, and pop-up shops, so I wanted to create a car accessory I could enjoy myself as well.